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Today I want to show you how to fix engine hesitation or when you’re pushing the gas pedal down it’s not smooth. This is more than likely your mass airflow sensor and it occasionally has to be clean.

How to clean airflow sensor

It’s really quick and easy. You’re going to want to use to clean your mass airflow sensor is this mass airflow sensor cleaner

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airflow sensor

Do not use anything else other than this,  it’s really easy to apply and just like it says on the can it evaporates in seconds, so as soon as you’re done cleaning it you can put it right back into your vehicle.

In order to clean this part, all you’ve got to do is right in the area where your air cleaner is you’re gonna have your main throttle body like a black hose, it’s gonna go down into your engine and somewhere along there you’re gonna have your mass airflow sensor.

Before you do anything, make sure your car is turned off.  Now,  you’re going to want to unplug the sensor and once is unplugged you can start getting it cleaned. 

When you look at your mass airflow you can see there two wires which gets dirty. When those wires get dirty then it throws your computer off. These wires actually sets the amount of oxygen or air that’s coming into the engine, if that’s dirty it doesn’t sense the proper amount of air and then, in turn, it doesn’t send the proper amount of fuel to the engine when it’s needed particularly on acceleration and so that’s where you get your acceleration problems.

All you have to do is to spray a liberal amount of that cleaner and then we’re ready to install it back in, so go ahead and just go put it back in and like I said as soon as you’re done doing this you can drive your car again right away.

Make sure to put your electrical harness back on and you’re done.

I hope that helps somebody out there.